Alanbari is an artist, architect and visual director based in London. Her work varies from the direction of cultural events to the creation of paintings, photography and design work. The underlying thread of her practice is bringing together visual art culture and the general public.

peace is not absence of conflict but the continuation of life despite conflict... living side by side with it.

Iraqi born and multicultural in her approach, her language of choice is that of semi-abstract expressionism. She uses it to bring alive ideas and stories from contrasting cultures, anthropomorphizing objects and harnessing the power of compelling story telling. The human body, maps and satellite images are key to her work for their power to record and narrate.

Alanbari holds degrees from the Ecole Speciale d’Architecture, The London School of Economics and Chelsea College of Art. She has recently exhibited and directed shows at several cultural institutions of international renown, including the Saatchi Gallery, Christies Auction House and The Royal College of Art in London. Alanbari has founded a curriculum called “Self Development Through Art”, which she taught also at the Saatchi Gallery, focusing on giving students a mindful decision making process.

 For more info see the short documentary below on the ideas behind Alanbari's early art work: